Chyba Beats – 90s Hip Hop Type Beats // Track Stems Included

|83bpm|90s Hip Hop Type Beats|Chyba Beats|Track Stems Included|Boom Bap Type Beat|

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Are you looking for a classic Hip Hop beat that embodies the old school, boom bap, and golden era elements? Look no further than 90s Hip Hop Type Beat! This beat is carefully crafted with a variety of classic instruments, including the Rhodes, electric piano, strings, and pizzicato, as well as modern touches like the synth and bass. The combination of these elements creates a deep, soulful sound that’s perfect for artists who want to create lyrics that touch on real issues.

With a tempo of 83 bpm and a high-quality sound, this beat is sure to elevate your hip-hop game. It has a great beat vibe and is perfect for anyone who is looking for a beat that is both old school and contemporary. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the hip-hop scene, 90s Hip Hop Type Beat is sure to impress.

The Premium Leasing license type includes track stems, which gives you more creative control over your music. For just $29, you won’t find a better deal for such a high-quality beat. This is an excellent opportunity for artists who are looking for beats for sale with exclusive rights.

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